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I have always been passionate about the natural world. Although photography has taken me to many scenic and historic sites, I feel very fortunate to live and work in the heart of New Hampshire's White Mountains. The scenes I share reflect my love for nature and our wild places.

I prefer working with film and the majority of my images are produced using vintage Olympus cameras and lenses. My slides are then professionally scanned for printing purposes. Other than minor color corrections to match the original transparency, no manipulation is done to the images. What you see in the final print is as close as possible to what I captured on the film when I pressed the shutter. (If the moon is in the scene, it was really there.) I currently offer fine art photo prints, as well as White Mountain New Hampshire calendars, souvenir magnets, key chains and note cards and add new items often. Most of my products are produced in my private studio in New Hampshire. I strive to support local businesses and use eco-friendly products whenever possible. Please check back often for new products and online availability. If you would like to order something that is not yet available on my website, please contact me, and I will be glad to help.

As a landscape and wildlife photographer, I feel a deep connection and respect for the outdoors. Whether it is a mountainside of fiery autumn color, or a soft coating of freshly fallen snow, the light that falls on the earth's landscape is constantly changing, making each and every moment unique. Although often rugged and harsh, many of these places are surprisingly delicate. Please join me in helping to protect our global environment so future generations may enjoy these wild and scenic places as we do today.

Corey Engfer